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"Rock Your Perimenopause"
6-week Hormone Reboot
    February 1 - March 13, 2022   
 Rock Your Perimenopause Hormone Reboot is a 6-week live course so you can:
  • Lose Weight
  • ​Energize Your Whole Day
  • ​Beat The Bloat
  • ​Get Your Happy Back
  • ​Sleep Like A Human
  • Smooth Out Your Moods
  • ​Feel Your Lucious (& Libido) Again
  • ​Go From Frumpy To FABULOUS!
  • ​Feel Like Yourself Again!
If you want To feel good NOW, and stop just hoping for things to change or to feel normal again...

If you want the Fast-Track to regaining your over 40 health, body and mind and to see HOW GOOD you can feel in Perimenopause...

If you would like to avoid time and money wasting mistakes...

While Being Part Of A Small Group Of Like-Minded Women...

...Then The 
Rock Your Perimenopause Hormone Reboot Is For YOU!

What's Included in The 
Rock Your Perimenopause Hormone Reboot ?

6-Weeks Of Live Sessions 

We will learn, discover and take action for the transformations you need, in order to feel like your best self again through out Perimenopause. with easy find replays

Transformation Guides 

Weekly, all-in-one place content and Transformation Guides Sheets, so that you can discover for your own body: what you need, how to do it and how to follow through!

Weekly "Happy Hours" 

Weekly "Happy Hours" where you will get your questions answered live!  Bring a favorite beverage and let's get down to the good stuff!
I know some questions may seem complex and need an explanation beyond what a post is useful for.  I get that!  So let's dig in! 

Dedicated, Private Online Gathering Space 

Rock Your Perimenopause conversations, discussions, community and Q & A in a private gathering place.

It's just like-minded women in our group and we are all sorting through Perimenopause together.  It's private & personal to share, laugh, cry, ask, seek, find...
Perimenopause Symptoms we will tackle:
  • Weight loss & Belly Fat Loss
  • ​How To Get to Sleep & Stay Asleep Through the Night
  • ​Bloating, Digestion and Constipation
  • ​Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, Crying for No Reason
  • ​Hair Thinning and loss and Skin Dryness and Health
  • Crazy, Unpredictable Periods & PMS
  • Breast growth (or deflation) & Tenderness
  • ​Feeling Frumpy and Unmotivated & Tired and Wired
We will sort out your symptoms and transform your perimenopause by digging into lifestyle, nutrition, supplements and movement with strategies, so you can impact how you feel for the next 30 years.

Bonus #1: The Hormone Balance Quick Guide Ebook ($37 Value) 

Save time and money with this quick reference guide that condenses Perimenopause wisdom into bite-sized chunks for easy to find, how-to access.

So you can move quickly to take action to find information on Lifestyle hacks, Herbs, and Vitamins.

Bonus #2: Access The Powerful Perimenopause Series Interviews 
($597 Value)

Learn From top experts in the Perimenopause feild who deep dive into Perimenopause topics like:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Homeopathy for Perimenopause, Pelvic Floor Power, Functional Medicine In Perimenopause, Foods that help symptoms in Perimenopause, Movement and exercise in Perimenopause.

Bonus #3: Demystifying The Down There Masterclass ($297)

If you are like many women, the sex-ed you got in high school didn't say much about anything.  Neither did your parents.  Much of our "education" around our nether regions has been guessing, hearsay and experimentation.

Wouldn't it be good to finally know... that every part has a common name...Shave, don't shave? Trim? Soap is good? or Bad? Too Drying? Itchy? Healthy underwear? Does it age? Yeast...?

'They' didn't know the extent of the "Pleasure Button" until the 1990s... Yeah, 1990's.  It's not a button, it has "legs".  It will no longer be a mystery and don't feel weird, I didn't learn it until my early 40s...
When You Sign Up For the 
"Rock Your Perimenopause" 6-Week Hormone Reboot Right Now...
You Are Going To Get...
  • 6 Weekly Meet ups and Teaching sessions (with replays) - (Value of $1197)  
  • ​Easy read Guides to help you discover your transformation and take action- (Value $154)
  • ​Weekly "Happy Hours" where you will get your questions answered live (with replays) (Value $899)
  • Private Gathering place dedicated to Rock Your Perimenopause Hormone Reboot conversations, discussions, and Q & A's.  
Plus 3 Awesome Bonuses
  • Bonus #1 - The Hormone Balance Quick Guide Ebook ($37 Value) 
  • Bonus #2 - Access The Powerful Perimenopause Series Interviews ($597 Value)
  • Bonus #3Demystifying The Down There Masterclass ($297 Value)
6-week "Rock Your Perimenopause Hormone Reboot" 
+ 3 Bonuses Has A Total Value Of $2979!
For A One-Time Investment Of Only
Now For Only $257 

How much is it worth to you to feel good everyday?
Frequently Asked Questions
IS THIS REBOOT RIGHT FOR ME?  Every move you make towrds health is a step towards making your future better.  If you've read through this page, and you relate to the struggles explained, then this course is probably perfect for you.

WHEN IS PERIMENOPAUSE?  Perimenopause is 4 - 12 YEARS before Menopasue.  Menopasue is 1 DAY.  That day is 12 months after you have not had a period.  Post Menopause is everything after that day.  Average Menopause age in the U.S. is 51.

HOW LONG SHOULD I PLAN TO SPEND?  At least the 2 hours a week on our meets up! Another hour through the week with Transformation guide work is reasonable. 

HOW LONG DO I HAVE ACCESS TO THE MATERIALS?  This is a cool part.  As a founding member, you will have always have access to course and materials.  Every time I lead it, you can take it again, and I will be updating the content and you will have access to it!

IS THERE A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?  Yes! There is a 10 day "Do The Work" guarantee from the start of the Reboot.



Isn't it absolutely incredible what is possible? 

This is not just about the latest science, strategies, testing, tips and techniques, those are important, but...

This is mentoring... for life as a woman who is thriving through Perimenopause...

Much of what I have shared and will continue to share, is very deep and will take weeks and months to process out and I want you be on the best path for YOU...

Maybe, this is the very thing you need right now, at the just the right time, to get you taking action and get into momentum for such a time as this...

We are here to thrive and not just survive...

If that's you, click in and welcome to the Rock Your Perimenopause Hormone Reboot!  Get ready for a change that will impact everything!

With Love,


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